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About Sor Labs

Founded in 1976 by Dr. Kamil Sor, Ph. D., Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc. has become one of the industry leading full-service materials testing laboratories in the Eastern United States.

In addition to specializing in materials testing, Sorlabs has continually expanded, improved, and diversified its capabilities to offer clients a broad range of consulting, investigative and testing services.

The company performs a wide array of physical, chemical, biological and environmental testing in its laboratories and provides on-site monitoring and testing of all aspects of construction, as well as consultation services in environmental, geotechnical and material sciences.


Sorlabs’ ability to respond quickly, efficiently and economically to both routine and unique materials testing problems or conditions is why over 98% of our clients refer us to their professional peers and use our services over and over again.

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Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc.

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