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Consulting Services

The sister company of Sorlabs, Sor Consulting Engineers is highly regarded in the construction industry for its expertise and knowledge in concrete, mortar, grout and asphalt products, and has prepared and tested thousands of mix designs for these materials.

Sorlabs can also evaluate the durability and/or deterioration of concrete, masonry and other structural components including, but not limited to:

  • buildings,
  • bridges,
  • dams, and
  • parking structures.

concrete durability2

Sor Consulting Engineers practices all aspects of geotechnical engineering. Services include:

  • site feasibility studies,
  • subsurface investigations,
  • development of specific foundation design,
  • site preparation criteria,
  • consultation of earth-work activities, and
  • other geotechnical-related aspects of construction.

Furthermore, Sor Consulting Engineers  performs:

  • forensic investigations and testing of existing structures and components, and
  • prepares specifications for remedial work.

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