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Knowledgeable, experienced professionals

Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc.’ over 50 knowledgeable, experienced professionals — PhDs, PEs, CEs, chemists, metallurgists, engineers, technicians and support staff – pool their expertise to provide complete in-house and on-site monitoring and testing services. We provide highly qualified certified technicians and field engineers (NICET Level I, II, […]

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Working with customer’s requirements

Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc. works directly with our customers the entire project in order to cope with extreme requirements. We offer innovative solutions by utilizing available technologies or by generating economically viable custom solutions while ensuring compliance with nationally or internationally agreed standards. Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc. offers […]

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Specializing in materials research and testing services

Compliance issues affect every part of the product life cycle. In today’s technology environment, getting your reliable products to market quickly at minimum cost by addressing compliance issues proactively and in a strategic manner is critical to all companies. That is where Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc. come into picture. […]

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