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Soil Testing

Sorlabs’ expertise in soil testing is making sure construction sites have firm foundations. Different soil types, or geostructural circumstances, can add considerably to construction costs. It is also an area that allows for no mistakes. We believe soil testing is absolutely vital before work can start on […]

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Asphalt Testing

The ability to test the physical properties of asphalt materials is a vital step toward improving the performance and durability of roads and highways. Sorlabs has leveraged its vast experience in materials testing to develop a family of testing systems that measure the performance characteristics of asphalt […]

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Concrete Testing

Concrete is a structural material which consists of Portland cement, aggregate (sand and rock), and water (to make the chemical reaction called hydration occur). The strength and other properties of concrete are dependent on how these four ingredients are proportioned and mixed. Concrete can sometimes contain other […]

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